Find a Qualified Botox Doctor!

Finding a Qualified Botox Doctor

Finding a qualified Botox doctor is the most important thing to consider when contemplating having the procedure done. There are a a variety of things that should be investigated about the practitioner, facility and treatment as a part of this.

Checking Out A Doctor’s Qualifications

Reputable doctors will not be offended that a person considering having a Botox procedure done for the first time wants to know how well the physician is qualified to do the injection.

Any doctor’s credentials should be thoroughly checked out. The most qualified physicians doing Botox are always certified by the ABPS, or American Board of Plastic Surgery, as well as the ASAPS, or American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

By making certain that the doctor possesses such certifications, the patient will be confident in knowing that the physician is a recipient of the necessary training in cosmetic plastic surgery.

Besides this, these qualifications state that the doctor has kept up with the requirements in continuing education in the field.

Investigating A Doctor’s Facilities

It’s also a sensible idea to investigate the doctor’s facilities pertaining to their accreditation.

These should be licensed by the state or accredited through a respected agency in the industry. Besides this, a prospective patient ought to go to the physician’s office premises and inspect the levels of professionalism and cleanliness.

A few minutes examining the offices and reception can tell one a lot.

Asking a Doctor About His or Her Experience Level

No one wants a doctor who only goes in for Botox once in a great while. There are a number of physicians out there practicing who have only had a two to three day Botox injection course and then began doing the procedures for patients.

Far better to find one who has gained valuable practical experience as a result of doing the procedures repeatedly.

Asking to See Before and After Pictures

Patients who are new to Botox can be expected to want to visualize the actual results.

The best way to do this is by asking the doctor in the consultation to share before and after pictures from real-life Botox patients whom he has treated in the past.

Cosmetic surgeons with strong reputations maintain files of photo records from prior procedures that they have performed and they will not be hesitant to share these with potential patients.

Inquiring About Side Effects and Recovery Time

Botox is a well documented and proven procedure, but there can be side effects that patients should know about.

In rare cases, patients can lose partial facial feature movement near the injections. This can lead to arched eyebrows or drooling in extreme cases. These effects are usually resolved within days or weeks, when they occur.

Understanding the Repetitive Nature of the Injections

Because Botox effects are not permanent, the injection treatments have to be repeated.

They last no more than three to four months. Patients should be aware of this when they start having them done.

The new relationship with the Botox doctor is likely to be a longer term one, since the treatments must be administered routinely. It is not an exaggeration to say that the patient will need to see the Botox doctor a good three to four times more per year.