Botox Risks & Recovery

Length of Time and Steps to Recovery

It doesn’t take very long to see the results from a Botox treatment. A person can begin to see results as soon as a few hours after receiving the injections.

There is no need for hospitalization or any follow-up doctor visits after receiving botox.

However, there may be a few red marks at the injection site. These can easily be concealed with makeup.

Side Effects from Botox Injections

Many people experience facial pain and soreness with Botox. It is also common to have indigestion or heartburn.

People who are using Botox tend to have difficulty swallowing if they are using Botox too frequently, as well. These types of side effects can last the entirety of the time the toxin is in the patient’s body or can disappear within days of usage.

It all depends on the person’s health history and how their body reacts to the initial injection.

Short-term risks for Botox can include headaches, nausea, and developing a respiratory infection. If a person gets too many injections, they can also experience “drooling,” an eyebrow droop that worsens after the injection takes place.

One also has a small chance of an allergic reaction to the injection. Pregnant or nursing women or anyone with a blood or nervous system disease should not partake in this procedure.

A person should avoid both strenuous exercise and massages for over 24 hours after receiving the procedure. Exercise can cause the botox to spread to unintended areas in the body. The same is true for massage.

Lastly, the doctor may suggest some facial exercises for the patient to try to comfortably and natural relax the paralyzed muscles.